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Hospitals and Clinics affected by hospital-acquired infections are inevitably concerned with controlling airborne contamination risks and need to implement air treatment solutions. Amongst the various medical specialties are mostly concerned: hematology, ICU, operating theaters, sterilization areas, neonatology, pulmonology, interventional radiology, pediatrics, burn units, infectious diseases… Airinspace experts provide them with optimized solutions for each concern and configuration.
Mobile air decontamination unit with short installation time (30 min.) and highly efficient (average decontamination within 10 min.). Optimal performances up to 120m3 (40m2 rooms). Suitable for Class C or Class D environments.

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Air in space

Derived from space research program and now leading company in air treatment innovation, Airinspace develops mobile and built-in solutions based on microbial destruction, particles collection and harmful gases/molecules trapping. Airinspace, your partner for the control of airborne microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and virus.

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