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Offices and open spaces: a hotbed for viruses and bacteria

Offices and open spaces: a hotbed for viruses and bacteria

The risk of airborne transmission is highest in open spaces, meeting rooms or living spaces like the cafeteria or company canteen. Even if they comply with protective measures, your employees are likely to spray a cloud of contaminated micro-droplets into the air. This cloud can remain airborne for hours and infect other employees. Air conditioning is also suspected of being a huge vector for viruses and bacteria: the government has issued a ministerial note with a view to restricting the use of air conditioners in offices.

Indoor air pollution: your invisible enemy

Air pollution is 10 times greater in offices than outdoors:

  • Photocopiers and printers emit ozone and sometimes produce fine particles.
  • Certain construction, decoration or furniture materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds toxic to human health.
  • Dust mites can be found in soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs, carpets or fabric-covered armchairs.
  • The use of disinfecting and cleaning products generates irritating chemical particle emissions.

In addition, the architecture of some buildings makes fresh air supply impossible: windowless meeting rooms, windows that cannot be opened, huge open spaces, etc.

Indoor air pollution: your invisible enemy
How poor indoor air quality affects your business

How poor indoor air quality affects your business

Loss of concentration, headaches, irritation of the mucous membranes, allergies, dry eyes, etc.: indoor air pollution directly affects the productivity of your workforce. According to a survey published by the Harvard School of Public Health[1], better indoor air quality would help reduce short-term sick leave by 35%. Furthermore, with the COVID 19 crisis, your employees have an even greater need for reassurance about the quality of the air they breathe.


1. Milton DK, Glencross PM, Walters MD. Risk of sick leave associated with outdoor air supply rate, humidification, and occupant complaints. Indoor Air. 2000 Dec;10(4):212-21. doi: 10.1034/j.1600-0668.2000.010004212.x. PMID: 11089326.

Install air purifiers for offices equipped with filters capable of suppressing 99.995% of viruses and bacteria in the air

To improve indoor air quality in your offices, there is no need to invest in major renovation work. You can effectively complement your centralised air handling system by installing airinspace mobile commercial air purifiers in the vicinity of your employees. Compact and unobtrusive, our large room air purifiers are equipped with H14 HEPA filters, capable of suppressing up to 99.995% of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses.

Install air purifiers for offices equipped with filters capable of suppressing 99.995% of viruses and bacteria in the air

Our professional air purifiers for offices

HEPA Bulle

Compact air purifier, ideal for meeting rooms and enclosed offices, with H14 HEPA filter


High-power air purifier, ideal for open spaces, with H14 HEPA filter


Stylish air purifier, for an unobtrusive presence in your establishment, with H14 HEPA filter

Our indoor air quality monitoring tools


Carbon dioxide monitor

WALL-i Watch

Professional Indoor Air Quality measuring sensor – temperature, pressure, relative humidity

Wall-i ISO

The smart particle counter to control indoor air quality

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5 good reasons to choose an airinspace air purifier

As effective as in the hospital

● Hospital grade air purifiers
● 99.995% of viruses and bacteria suppressed with H14 HEPA filters
● Air renewed at least 5 times an hour

Unobtrusive and flexible

● Limited footprint
● Low noise pollution
● Mobile unit mounted on wheels, easy to move and install in your offices

Quick to install, easy to maintain

● Plug & Play installation in 10 minutes without any work
● Filters changed within a few minutes, every 3 years, without any special precautions
● Used filters disposed of with other waste

Safety for your employees

● Mechanical filtration with no chemical release into the air
● No risk of overheating thanks to the absence of UV lamps
● No draughts created (in accordance with the official 0.4 m3/h recommendations)

Eco-friendly and economical

● Low power consumption: 34W for 1,000 m3/h
● Strength and durability (service life of the machines in excess of 8 years)
● Low maintenance cost

Protect your employees and reduce absenteeism

Protect your employees and reduce absenteeism

By guaranteeing better indoor air quality in your offices, you improve your employees’ well-being at work:

  • You retain your employees, who are reassured and satisfied
  • You limit occupational diseases and you reduce absenteeism
  • Your employees perform better thanks to better working conditions (improved cognitive abilities, improved attention span), without any noise pollution

Fulfil your legal obligations

According to article R.4222-1 of the French labour code, the employer is required to renew indoor air to maintain the health of their employees. Article R. 4222-6 even stipulates that the minimum fresh air flow rate is 25m3/hour/occupant in offices where no physical labour is carried out. When you install airinspace commercial air purifiers on your premises, you can determine the air change rate based on the number of occupants, thus ensuring compliance with regulations.

Fulfil your legal obligations
Reinforce your CSR approach

Reinforce your CSR approach

By installing airinspace air purifiers for offices in your company, you are awarded the “Purified air” label, demonstrating your commitment to improving quality of life at work for your partners and employees. By choosing a 100% French supplier committed to an environmental approach, you enhance your CSR approach.

Support and services

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  • Installation and start-up tutorial included with your device
  • Filter or prefilter change alert system

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  • On-site audit
  • Initial training
  • Airborne surface disinfection operation
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