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New HEPA Cocoon air purifier

Designed to blend elegantly into your office, meeting room, restaurant or break room, HEPA Cocoon ensures high-power air purification while remaining unobtrusive and quiet.

Air decontamination

Recommended for high-risk hospital units

For their at-risk units, France’s largest university hospitals have opted for our mobile air decontamination units featuring the HEPA-MDⓇ technology, which combines H14 HEPA filtration with cold plasma microbiological destructionⓇ.

VOC chemical adsorption

Recommended for maintaining the chemical quality of air

Remove volatile chemical residues to protect your staff and prevent the contamination of laboratory cell cultures.

Chemical adsorption of acid and oxidising molecules

Remove oxidising molecules from endoscope manual disinfection rooms and accelerate the release of rooms treated by Airborne Surface Disinfection by automated process.

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