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PLASMAIR® Sentinel

The Quietest HEPA-MD® Mobile Biological Air Purifier

Up to 1200 m3/h

  • Haematology
  • Bone marrow and solid organ transplant unit
  • Onco-haematology
  • ICU
  • Operating room
  • Burns unit

PLASMAIR® Sentinel: the reference mobile biological air purifier for high-risk services

A mobile air purifier for bacteria equipped with a HEPA MD® reactor, PLASMAIR® Sentinel provides you with enhanced filtration performance for the smallest particles (0.3µm) thanks to the ULPA filter and a 25 m2 filtering area.

As a result, it ensures the faster removal of microorganisms in the air, in particular filamentous fungi responsible for invasive aspergillosis.

The mobile HEPA filter unit also retains Volatile Organic Compounds and odours, without any release of toxic by-products and with no creation of formaldehyde.

PLASMAIR® Sentinel is easily connected to IMMUNAIR® and BIOCAIR® rooms to create a protected environment area.

Thanks to a new, quieter ventilation system and the use of new sound trapping techniques, your patients can enjoy a significantly reduced sound level.

Protection of immunocompromised patients against microbiological contamination, including fungal

Reduction in the risk of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in haematology

Reduced fine particle concentration

Retention of chemical molecules in the air

Simple, intuitive use

Quick installation and biocleaning facilitated by the rounded design

Limited footprint and easily moved on wheels

Centralised control through a simple and intuitive touch screen

Technical data

Volumetric flow rate
Up to 1200 m3/h
H14 - U15
H 151 cm x L 75 cm x D 52 cm

Studies and publications

Reduction in the incidence of Invasive Aspergillosis in neutropenic patients in haematology with PLASMAIR®
Mobile air handling unit: We tested their efficiency!!
Mobile air filtration devices to help care for haematology patients with aplasia
Improvement in air quality in the interventional cardiology unit of the Martinique university hospital
Creation of a controlled environment in clean rooms by means of a mobile air decontamination unit for the preparation of antineoplastic drugs
Evaluation of a mobile decontamination device for air control in the operating room
Reduction in the fungal contamination of the indoor environment with the PLASMAIR® system

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