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Accommodating patients without contaminating the healthy

Accommodating patients without contaminating the healthy

Your medical practice can become a focus of infection for your patients, irrespective of whether or not they are healthy. Large numbers of patients in your waiting room increase the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. During the consultation, certain procedures such as a throat examination further increase the risk of airborne contamination in the examination room. To destroy the viruses and bacteria in the air, the French Public Health Council recommends using air purifiers equipped with H13 or H14 HEPA mechanical filters.

Invisible pollutants in the air of your medical practice

Unbeknownst to you, the indoor air in your medical practice can be altered by various sources of pollution:

  • The regular use of disinfecting products generates irritating chemical particle emissions.
  • Certain construction materials or items of furniture emit volatile organic compounds toxic to human health:
  • Dust mites are fond of soft furnishings such as the curtains, rugs, carpets or fabric-covered armchairs found in your medical practice.

Airinspace’s medical air purifiers help you remove these pollutants by treating the air directly at the point of use.

Invisible pollutants in the air of your medical practice

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5 good reasons to choose an airinspace air purifier

As effective as in the hospital

● Hospital grade air purifiers
● 99.995% of viruses and bacteria suppressed with H14 HEPA filters
● Air renewed at least 5 times an hour
● Scientifically proven efficacy

Unobtrusive and flexible

● Limited footprint
● Low noise pollution
● Easily moved mobile unit mounted on wheels

Easy to install and maintain

● Plug & Play installation in 10 minutes without any work
● Filters changed within a few minutes, every 3 years, without any special precautions
● Used filters disposed of with other waste

Safety for yourself and your patients

● Mechanical filtration with no chemical release into the air
● No risk of overheating thanks to the absence of UV lamps
● No draughts created (in accordance with the official 0.4 m3/h recommendations)

Eco-friendly and economical

● Low power consumption: 34W for 1,000 m3/h
● Strength and durability (service life of the machines in excess of 8 years)
● Low maintenance cost

Maintain the health of your patients by suppressing the viruses and bacteria in the air

Maintain the health of your patients by suppressing the viruses and bacteria in the air

Your patients are most exposed to the risk of cross-contamination by viruses or bacteria. The situation is particularly critical during times of epidemic such as the seasonal flu or SARS-COV 2. Our professional air purifiers for medical offices are equipped with H14 HEPA filters, capable of suppressing 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and germs in the air. You can therefore reassure your patients and prevent your medical practice from turning into a cluster.

Protect the health of your staff

Your team is also exposed to the threat of viruses and bacteria in your medical practice. However, poor indoor air quality can also affect their work performance and cause headaches, fatigue and dizziness. By using an air purifier for clinics, you protect the health of your staff while limiting absenteeism.

Protect the health of your staff
Work in a protected environment, without constraints

Work in a protected environment, without constraints

A medical practice is a confined space where air renewal can sometimes be challenging. With airinspace’s medical air purification solutions, you no longer have to open the window to renew the air: the air is continuously decontaminated in your waiting room and your consultation room. Compact and quiet, our professional air purifiers for clinics allow you to work undisturbed.


Support and services

Benefit from technical assistance for the use of your device:

  • Tailored recommendations from our experts
  • Installation and start-up tutorial included with your device
  • Filter or prefilter change alert system

For your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for on-demand intervention:

  • On-site audit
  • Initial training
  • Airborne surface disinfection operation
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Support and services

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