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The 4 retention mechanisms of a HEPA filter

The effectiveness of a HEPA mechanical air filter lies in the combination of four filtration mechanisms:

Sieving effect
Contaminants larger than the space between 2 fibres (a few tens of microns) remain on the surface.
Sieving effect
Inertia effect
Smaller particles by a few microns (such as the largest bacteria, spores, yeasts) collide with the fibres: they lose speed and their path is altered. They eventually stop in the filter medium.
Inertia effect
Interception effect
Contaminants smaller than one micron (bacteria and large viruses) are intercepted by the fibres when they pass in close proximity thereto.
Interception effect
Diffusion effect
Tiny particles such as viruses move in “Brownian” motion, which increases their apparent diameter and the likelihood of adhering to a fibre.
Diffusion effect

6 good reasons to choose airinspace HEPA filtration

With the HEPA filters selected by airinspace, your air purifier is more effective, more economical and even quieter:

  • Careful selection of the best suppliers for our ePTFE filter media
  • Guaranteed H14 HEPA filtration in accordance with standard EN 1822, on all our machines equipped with HEPA filters, as per the recommendations of the French Public Health Council
  • Continuous improvement: commitment to the research and development of new, ever more effective filtration membranes
  • Long-life filters thanks to large filtering areas which increase filtration capacity and reduce replacement frequency
  • Traceability and control of the effectiveness of each filter by airinspace in accordance with standard EN 1822-1 upon production completion
  • Minimal pressure drop for a low noise level of our air purifiers

Our air purifiers with HEPA filter


H14 HEPA high-power hospital air purifier


H14 HEPA compact hospital air purifier


H14 HEPA small hospital air purifier

HEPA Bulle

Ultra-compact H14 HEPA professional air purifier for public access buildings


High-performance H14 HEPA professional air purifier for public access buildings


Stylish H14 HEPA air purifier for public access buildings

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