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Audit and advice

Audit and advice

Would you like an expert opinion on your indoor air quality and the performance of your facilities?

Ask our team of experts in the pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms for a full audit. We intervene upon request on your premises, throughout mainland France. Our audits are based on 3 analytical perspectives:

  • Review of potential sources of contamination based on your activity and the arrangement of your premises
  • Analysis of the design of your existing facilities
  • Particulate and microbiological measurements (classification, mapping, dynamic monitoring).
  • VOC concentration measurements (Volatile Organic Compounds) on premises sensitive to chemical risks
  • Evaluation of relative pressure and ventilation parameters.

Upon completion of our audit, you will receive a full report with our recommendations on the possible implementation of corrective or ameliorative measures in your facility.

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For any airinspace product acquisition or rental, we transport the equipment to the actual room to be treated in the ordering department.

We perform thorough biocleaning before entering the at-risk area and start up the equipment.

After optimal adjustment consistent with your performance targets and your activity, we conduct comprehensive functional tests to make sure everything is working perfectly.

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Training<br />


Once our systems have been delivered, we visit the site to train your teams in their use and maintenance.

We provide you with training sessions on your site, on our premises or online with a choice of 3 levels:

  • Level 1 for users, infection control, biomedical and technical staff: training includes in particular the operation of the device, the management of alarms and cleaning.
  • Level 2 for users, biomedical and technical staff: training includes level 1 as well as the fundamentals of product maintenance (preventive maintenance).
  • Level 3 for biomedical and technical staff: training includes levels 1 and 2 supplemented with all preventive and curative maintenance operations, with advanced study of operational principles and constituent components.

Would you like tailor-made training? Let’s determine your ideal training together.

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Maintenance and customer service

To extend the service life of your airinspace equipment and maintain their optimal performance, we provide you with a team dedicated to maintenance operations.

Our team carries out on-site preventive maintenance every year without disturbing your patients or staff.

As our devices are mobile, we can move them if required in order to work outside classified premises. Carers can therefore continue to work without interruption and your patients stay protected.

Our specialised technicians quickly intervene throughout mainland France to meet any urgent customer service needs and restore your protected space capacity as quickly as possible.

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Maintenance and customer service
Airborne disinfection of surfaces

Airborne disinfection of surfaces

One of your units has been contaminated and requires ASD clearance? You wish to ensure the regular ASD disinfection of your at-risk units?

To save time and protect your internal organisation, entrust your airborne surface disinfection operations to our team. We regularly intervene in complete safety and in accordance with the specifications of infection control teams, technical departments and/or premises management teams.

We combine the effectiveness of our HPVPA patented automated process with the rapid chemical air decontamination of our eCHEM OX Sentinel or CUBAIR OX units.

We quickly intervene upon request throughout mainland France, by adapting to your time constraints when performing the process.

For each intervention, we follow a 4-step protocol:

  • Process adaptation (volume of the rooms, number of machines, intervention time)
  • Securing of the area to be treated
  • Disinfection process
  • Chemical adsorption of the residue in the air for quick release

Within a few hours, your surfaces are disinfected and your premises are ready for occupation again. Upon completion of the operation, you receive an intervention report.

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