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ISO Cleanroom for Your Most High-Risk Patients

  • Haematology
  • Bone marrow and solid organ transplant unit
  • Onco-haematology

Protect immunocompromised patients without any work required with IMMUNAIR®

Quick and easy to install, IMMUNAIR® allows you to place your immunocompromised patients in an ISO cleanroom level environment without investing in expensive and demanding work.

The protection unit is supplied by one of our hospital air purifiers, using the HEPA-MD® patented technology: PLASMAIR® Guardian or PLASMAIR® Sentinel. This allows you to achieve ISO 5 and ISO 8 clean room performance under the unidirectional flow.

IMMUNAIR® is equipped with a blowing ceiling as well as built-in lighting. For extra patient comfort, you can also choose the television as an option.

Protection of patients with aplasia or profound immunosuppression in an ISO 5 clean room environment

Creation of a controlled environment with the HEPA-MD® patented technology

Making the daily work of carers easier

Installation of IMMUNAIR® in your patients’ rooms without any work

Product designed to make your everyday working life easier

Installation in under 1 hour in any type of room

Secure, comfortable space to move around the patient’s bed

Transparent, removable curtains for enhanced patient monitoring

Données techniques

Recommended for class 4 services in accordance with standard NF S90-
Volumetric flow rate
Up to 1100m3/h with PLASMAIR® Guardian or PLASMAIR® Sentinel
Microbiological cleanliness class
Total flora M10 and Fungal < 1 cfu / m3
Particulate cleanliness class
Dimensions - Overall (extended position)
W 186 cm x L 242 cm x H 222 cm
Dimensions - Protective area (inside the curtains)
W 180 cm x L 237 cm x H 201 cm

Etudes et publications

Air-related fungal infections in at-risk units
Mobile air filtration devices to help care for haematology patients with aplasia

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