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Air quality suited to pharmaceutical preparations

Hospital pharmacies are likely to make on-site pharmaceutical preparations that require appropriate air quality (preparation of cytotoxic drugs, parenteral nutrition solutions, etc.). To guarantee the quality of your preparations, you can enhance the effectiveness of centralised air handling systems with our high-performance pharmaceutical disinfectant solutions designed for a hospital environment.

Air quality suited to pharmaceutical preparations

Our air-surface decontamination solutions for hospital pharmacies


Modular controlled environment area, with built-in air handling system and positive or negative pressure management

PLASMAIR® Guardian

Air decontamination unit to rapidly handle large volumes. HEPA MD® technology integrated

WALL-i Pilot

The control tool of your air treatment units to achieve positive or negative pressure in a BIOCAIR®

PLASMAIR® Sentinel

Compact, space-saving air decontamination unit. HEPA MD® technology integrated.


Zero-footprint, ceiling-mounted air decontamination unit. HEPA MD® technology integrated


Compact hospital pharmacy air purifier with integrated H14 HEPA filters


Mobile hospital pharmacy air purifier with integrated H14 HEPA filters


Very high flow rate hospital pharmacy air purifier with integrated H14 HEPA filters

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5 good reasons to choose airinspace to decontaminate the air in your hospital pharmacy

Proven efficacy

● 20 years’ experience in environmental decontamination in hospitals
● High particulate and microbiological retention effectiveness
● Microbiological destruction with the HEPA MD® technology

Discretion and flexibility

● Low noise pollution
● Easily moved mobile unit mounted on wheels

Easy to install and maintain

● Touch screen control
● Biocleaning facilitated by the rounded design


● No release of by-products into the air
● No risk of overheating thanks to the absence of UV lamps

Eco-friendly and economical

● Controlled power consumption
● Strength and durability (service life of the machines in excess of 8 years)
● Low upkeep and maintenance cost

Protect staff from toxic emissions

Within your hospital pharmacy, your staff are at risk of inhaling toxic substances associated with pharmaceutical preparations. The installation of airinspace pharmacy air purification solutions allows you to protect your employees.

Protect staff from toxic emissions
Support and services

Support and services

We guide you through the installation of your airinspace equipment, from the assessment phase to the training of your teams. Choose from our optional services for an intervention within your facility:

  • Assessment: ask our team of experts in the pharmaceutical industry and clean rooms for an audit. Receive a thorough analysis of your facilities as well as recommendations tailored to your constraints and budgetary requirements.
  • Installation: get your equipment installed by our technicians to ensure that it works in accordance with the required standards.
  • Training: choose from our 3 training levels to learn how to use and maintain our equipment yourself.
  • Maintenance and customer service: save time by entrusting your maintenance operations to our team of experts.
  • Airborne surface disinfection: decontaminate your hospital pharmacy without disrupting your internal organisation by using our teams. We use our HPVPA patented process to quickly disinfect your surfaces

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