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Mobile air filtration devices to assist in the management of haematology patients with aplasia


Original publication

Martin I, Forges F, Tavernier E, Cornillon J, Raberin H, Guyotat D Berthelot P, Dispositifs mobiles de filtration d’air pour aide à la prise en charge de patients d’hématologie en aplasie, XXIX congrès de la SF2H, 2018


The renovation of the water system of the anti-cancer centre led to the transfer of haematology patients to 2 departments of the university hospital which were not equipped with adequate air treatment units.


The patients were accommodated in 10 rooms equipped with a PLASMAIR® mobile air decontamination unit, 8 of which were additionally equipped with an IMMUNAIR® protection unit powered by the PLASMAIR® unit. The bathrooms adjacent to the rooms and the corridors were also equipped.


The qualification of the installations by particle counting found an air quality of type ISO 5 under the protection units and ISO 7 in the rooms. No cases of nosocomial invasive pulmonary aspergillosis were reported during this period.


The installation of the PLASMAIR® mobile air decontamination units has created a safe environment for aplastic patients outside the usual sterile haematology department.