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High-Capacity Airborne Surface Disinfectant Device

Volume of up to 300 m3

  • Units housing at-risk and/or infectious patients
  • Laboratory
  • Clean room
  • Hospital pharmacy

Rapid, high-capacity airborne disinfection of surfaces in large rooms with RHEA Titan

Mechanical biocleaning is not always sufficient to decontaminate all the objects found in a room: door handles, monitors, lights, etc.

With RHEA Titan’s high-capacity airborne disinfection by automated process, you effectively disinfect your contaminated surfaces thanks to airinspace®’s HPVPA process. Its effectiveness has been validated by standard NF EN 17 272: 2020 for all microorganisms including spores such as Bacillus subtilis.

The device has a dual treatment capacity with the 2 bottles of X-CID: you can therefore quickly disinfect large volumes.

RHEA Titan provides you with high operational safety with the monitoring of the quantity of biocide residue in the bottles and indicator lights for every step of the protocol.

Suppresses up to 99.99999% of the germs found on surfaces through high-capacity airborne surface disinfection

Control of the risk of cross-contamination in your services

Disinfection of surfaces after work phases in your facility

Clearance of your laboratory

Product designed to make your everyday working life easier

Recording of the room’s disinfection parameters in NFC TAG

Built-in printer and data saved to USB key

Technology connected to eCHEM OX for automatic biocide purification at the end of the cycle

Technical data

Room volume
Up to 300 m3
H 114.5 cm x L 55 cm x W 64.3 cm

Studies and publications

Evaluation of surface biocleaning effectiveness when using an airborne disinfection device in haematology intensive care units
Manual biocleaning versus airborne disinfection in Haematology
Evaluation of the microbiological quality of biocleaning in haematology intensive care units

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