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A Quiet, Discreet and Compact Air Purifier for Hospital Use

Up to 2000 m3/h

  • Units exposed to moderate risks in hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Dental practices

Retention of viruses, bacteria and particles in the air with HEPA3 AIR

Thanks to the 4 built-in H14 HEPA filters, HEPA3 AIR is a quiet air purifier that has a high microorganism and particle retention capacity. It also captures aerosols.
This silent air purifier allows you to replace or improve your existing air handling facilities without any work required. Its large multidirectional outflow area ensures extremely effective air purification, without any release of chemical by-products.
It does not raise the temperature in the room, unlike air purifiers equipped with a UV lamp.

A quiet, compact air purifier, the HEPA3 AIR mobile unit is available in white or black: choose the colour best suited to your premises for an unobtrusive and stylish presence.

H14 HEPA mechanical filtration with effectiveness in excess of 99.995% for viruses and bacteria in the air

Reduces the risk of airborne contamination

Staff protection in corridors and high-traffic areas

Protection of at-risk units during works

Product designed to make your everyday working life easier

Quick installation and easier maintenance

Easy to move with the castor system

Class A energy efficiency and low maintenance cost

Centralised control through a touch screen

Technical data

Volumetric flow rate
Up to 2000 m3/h
4 H14 filters with ePTFE membrane
H 70 cm x L 59 cm x D 47 cm

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