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Mobile air handling units: We have tested their efficiency!


Original publication

Loison C, Barrault M, Tricot E, Ledoux MC Coroller-Bec C. Unité mobile de traitement d’air: Nous avons testé leur efficacité !! XXIX Congrès de la SF2H, 2018


To verify the efficiency of mobile air handling units* by comparing the air quality between equipped and non-equipped rooms in an onco-haematology department during the construction period.


Aerobiocontamination sampling campaign with recording of conditions likely to modify the results (weather, room exposure, etc.). Search for Aspergillus spp.


  • 25 samples taken, 15 of which were taken in the presence of a mobile unit
  • Significant reduction in airborne fungal concentration in rooms equipped with mobile air treatment units.


This equipment is effective in reducing airborne contamination in rooms with immuno-compromised patients at risk of aspergillosis. No cases of nosocomial aspergillosis were reported during this period.

* The mobile air treatment units were PLASMAIR® units