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Manual biocleaning versus airborne surface disinfection: Evaluation of the microbiological quality of biocleaning in haematology intensive care


Original publication

Zon L, Bellon L, Gaudron A, Bionettoyage manuel versus désinfection par voie aérienne : Evaluation de la qualité microbiologique du bionettoyage en soins intensifs d’hématologie, 10ème congrès de biologie et hygiène hospitalière, 2016.


Compare manual detergent-disinfectant biocleaning with detergent cleaning followed by airborne surface disinfection (ASD).


  • After manual cleaning, 61.9% (26/42) of the samples were compliant. 16 samples were non-compliant, including 6 samples taken from the light strips.
  • After detergent + ASD, 100% of the samples were compliant.


Disinfection of surfaces by air is to be preferred, particularly in the case of hard-to-reach surfaces.