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Evaluation of a mobile decontamination device for air control in the operating room


Original publication

Schoenleber T, Gbaguidi H, Juenet L, Talon D, Évaluation d’un dispositif mobile de décontamination pour la maîtrise de l’air au bloc opératoire, HYGIENES 2007 ; Vol XV, n°2, 159-163. (English translation available)


To evaluate the interest of a mobile device (PLASMAIR®) intended to control aerobiocontamination in a protected sector (operating theatre).


In the presence of PLASMAIR® :

  • Reduction of non-activity bioburden rates by a coefficient of about 2.5.
  • Reduction of decontamination kinetics below 10 minutes.
  • Increased mixing rates.
  • Reduction of the impact of the number of people present in the block on the biocontamination rate.


The installation of the PLASMAIR® system has significantly improved the air treatment performance in the operating theatre.