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Controlling chemical air pollutants at the IVF laboratory



Gérif F. et coll. Présenté au Congrès FFER, September 2017


Controlled generation of chemical air contamination using a pure ethanol solution.
Monitoring of the decrease in tVOCs for 20 minutes in different configurations: use of the Air Handling Unit alone, then start-up of a mobile chemical air purification unit eCHEM VOC Sentinel airinspace® set at 1200m3/h and 1800m3/h.


The use of the eCHEM VOC Sentinel airinspace® unit compensated for pollution peaks 2 to 3 times faster than the AHU alone and helped to reduce residual levels by 40 to 70%.


eCHEM VOC Sentinel: A complementary solution to CTA systems for enhanced environmental molecular pollution monitoring.