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Further proof of the effectiveness of PLASMAIR®.


Use of a Mobile Air Decontamination Unit as a simple and effective technical solution when moving an operating room

Lafond E, Lévêque S, Deptula C, Didier A, Martineau JF, Bru V, Congrès de l’ASPEC 2017


Use of a mobile air decontamination unit to allow the work to be completed during the relocation of an operating room and not to delay its opening.

Application and results

Installation of the air decontamination unit at D1, staff training, room clean-up, ASD and operational qualification. Validation of the bacteriological results on D7 and opening of the room allowing the resumption of activity.

Results of the qualification of the endoscopy room with the mobile unit according to NFS 90-351v 2013



The air decontamination unit made it possible to replace the air treatment system that was not yet operational in a new operating theatre and to allow the transfer of the endoscopy activity under optimal safety conditions