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RHEA trolley

  • Units housing at-risk and/or infectious patients
  • Laboratory
  • Clean room
  • Hospital pharmacy

All your products on hand for effective, rapid ASD

For effective airborne surface disinfection, several devices and products, such as RHEA One, the X-CID biocidal solution and a RHEA Satellite control touchpad, must be used simultaneously.

The RHEA airborne disinfection trolley has been specifically designed to help you bring all these products together under one roof and quickly move them from one room to another. Storage space is also provided for CUBAIR OX, the mobile chemical air decontamination unit for oxidising molecules and acids, to be used at the end of the cycle.

As a result, your ASD procedures are facilitated and you effectively disinfect your contaminated surfaces thanks to airinspace®‘s HPVPA process. Its effectiveness has been validated by standard NF EN 17 272: 2020 for all microorganisms, including spores such as Aspergillus spp.

Save time for your ASD operations

Make your teams’ work easier

Free up floor space with a compact storage system

Optimise the storage of your equipment with this disinfection trolley

Product designed to make your everyday working life easier

All the required products on a compact airborne disinfection trolley

Can easily be handled by a single operator

Moves easily on wheels

Studies and publications

Evaluation of surface biocleaning effectiveness when using an airborne disinfection device in haematology intensive care units
Manual biocleaning versus airborne disinfection in Haematology
Evaluation of the microbiological quality of biocleaning in haematology intensive care units

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