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WALL-i Control

The All-in-One CO2 and Dust Monitor for Private and Common Areas

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Nursing homes and medico-social facilities
  • Dental and medical practices

Control the air quality in a room at a glance

Be alerted if the authorised thresholds are exceeded

Comply with your regulatory obligations in terms of indoor air quality monitoring

Monitor the indoor air quality in a room in real time

The WALL-i Control particulate matter sensor allows you to continuously control the carbon dioxide and fine particle concentration (PM2.5 – PM10) in the room where it is installed. Having a dust monitor for indoor air quality is now a regulatory obligation for schools and will become an obligation for nursing homes in 2023 (decree no. 2011-1728 of 02/12/2011 and no. 2012-14 of 5 January 2012).

With its screen that changes colour depending on the concentration, Wall-i Control is a particulate meter that immediately notifies you of any deterioration in air quality, so that you can act swiftly to return to the safety zone. As a result, you limit the risk of indoor air pollution to occupants.

Product designed to make your everyday working life easier

Overview of the data measured at a glance

Notification when the defined thresholds are exceeded

Data retrieval with the Modbus connection

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