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Surface disinfection

RHEA Titan

Fast, effective, and connected HPVPA System.

The RHEA Titan uses airinspace® HPVPA  technology (wide spectrum hydrogen peroxide based biocide boosted with peracetic acid).

  • Highly effective: Exceeds NF-T 72 281:2014 standard requirements: for all types of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, tuberculosis and mycobacteria
  • Fast: contact time from 15 min
  • Can treat rooms up to 1600 m3
  • Protocols are preprogrammed
  • Security for use: Monitoring of the biocide quantity remaining in the tanks, light alerts for each step of the protocol
  • Optimized traceability: Integrated printer, NFC tag
  • Connected technology with eCHEM OX and CUBAIR OX  for automatic biocide purification at the end of the cycle
Not suitable for US market. Please contact airinspace for more details

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